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Welcome to UTMSPACE. Located near Universiti Teknologi Malaysia in the heart of Skudai, UTMSPACE is recognized as one of Malaysia's life-long learning institutions. It is one of the entities in Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, focusing on developing and promoting lifelong learning programmes. Its history began in July 1993 when it was established to answer the government’s call to increase the number of quality human resource in the country.

UTMSPACE provides an alternative path in education to give opportunities to those lacking the chance to follow the mainstream education system. While the management Head Quarters is located in Johor Bahru, UTMSPACE has some learning centres located all over Malaysia to cater to the needs of our clients. Lecturers from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia are brought to the students for face-to-face teaching/learning method. Hence, the quality and syllabus that our students receive are exactly the same as those in the mainstream system. Apart from the Part Time Academic Programmes for Degree and Diploma, we also offer other programmes such as Executive Diploma programmes, Professional Development Short Courses and others.