About Us


To develop, assess, and promote research initiatives for uplifting UTMSPACE as an international center of excellence in lifelong learning.


  1. Defining key research priority areas for lifelong learning
  2. Document and keep record of UTMSPACE database for identifying potential research gaps and communicating with stakeholders
  3. Encouraging research initiatives by internal and external partners
  4. Encouraging and promoting research initiatives by UTMSPACE staff for quality improvement, experience enrichment, and career advancement
  5. Working closely with stakeholders to coordinate, promote, monitor, and evaluate research
  6. Working closely with stakeholders, linking potential research and consultancy to UTM and UTMSPACE researchers; and promoting UTMSPACE in lifelong learning
  7. Screening research proposals for its relevance to lifelong learning and possible funding and support
  8. Leveraging research outcomes to elevation of UTMSPACE image