In the current borderless and electronically-linked world, possession of global knowledge seems inevitable. For such purpose, UTMSPACE has embarked on a special programme called Summer School. It has been introduced, among others, to provide opportunities especially for international students to learn and experience Malaysian cultural diversity, to explore the tropical rainforest and, flora and fauna. Various courses have been developed to allow students to acquire knowledge, share views and improve their understanding on some uniquely-designed and globally relevant subjects.

All the courses are conducted by qualified and experienced lecturers and/or professionals. Students who are adventurous will also have the opportunity to have hands-on experience by participating in excursions or tours to different places in Malaysia and may even explore one of the world’s oldest rainforest which is said to be about 240 million years old.

The Summer School Programme also provides an avenue for students around the globe to get together to exchange ideas and gain insights, share experience and discover new knowledge, explore possibilities and also establish network.


Brief Description

This two-week programme offers a number of interesting courses. It has a wide-application related to the environment, local community, heritage and tradition. The courses incorporate theory and practice, blended with the local culture and social activities. The summer school creates reciprocal partnership through which participants exchange ideas, share experience, discover new knowledge and establish network. Participants will learn and have hands-on experience by participating in various field trips and cultural programmes.


Duration: 1-2 weeks
Programme fee: Subject to programme and duration

List of Summer School Programmes

All the courses are conducted by qualified and experienced lecturers and/or professionals. Students who are adventurous will also have the opportunity to have hands-on experience by participating in excursions or tours to different places in Malaysia and may even explore one of the world’s oldest rainforest which is said to be about 240 million years old.

Managing Water Environment in Tropical Countries


The participants will find a wide range of material covered and its quantitative nature through project works will be of benefit to them. At the end of the course, participants should be able to apply knowledge through proper sampling and monitoring methods of river water quality. Participants will also be able to work in a team to plan mitigating and control measures for water pollution. At the end of this summer school, participants need to come out with a visual report, e.g. documentary, aiming to create/enhance environmental awareness targeting young Malaysian.

Oral Communication for Future Professionals


This is a short English oral communication skill course for future professionals especially for those involved in engineering and science. The course serves as a platform for you to practice your English skills with emphasis on science and technology in an integrated academic and natural environment. In addition, the course would improve your confidence and ability to speak about discipline-related matters in English. Expert educators will guide your learning experience and you will be accompanied by trained local students as learning buddies. During the course, you will be given opportunities to deliver oral presentations and participate in-group discussions on issues related to contemporary science and technology. These activities will enhance your confident level in using English.

Mountain of treasure at the tip of Mainland Asia


The UTM SEED Summer Programme 2018 – Mountain of treasure at the tip of Mainland Asia merges the concept of civic responsibility and community-based learning by connecting participants with service opportunities in Malaysia. By involving participants with community-based activities and following a structured, reflection-based curriculum, participants are expected to develop intercultural and skills in a real-world context while learning how local experts are addressing issues with the available resources. Aim to provide high quality education abroad opportunities to college students from around the world. The programme is designed to maximize our international participants’ learning about Malaysia while develop skills and apply their expertise to serve communities.

Participant will be given guided group activities, (e.g., problem-based learning, information gathering and site visits) all information will be gathered and will be used as the knowledge/input for their final presentation which will be evaluated and given feedback at the end of the programme.

Embedded Electronics Prototyping


This program is a crash course to the world of electronics. It is design to make electronic learning fun and entertaining. This course is design for non-electronics student but is highly interested in electronics. This course will go through basic electronic concept, and then applying the concept using electronic kits and module. Arduino® Uno will be used as the main controller for the course.

Embedded Computing System on FPGA


This course is intended for junior engineers or students who want to learn digital design using Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) but lack the relevant knowledge and experience. This course will emphasize hands-on design of digital system using both schematic entry and Verilog Hardware Description Language (HDL). Fundamental combinational and sequential logic circuits will be covered. Participants will be guided to do their design step-by-step using a professional EDA tool. To facilitate further understanding, simple yet very interesting and practical designs will be developed. All designs will be uploaded into FPGA prototyping board.

Summer School Rainforest FS


Experience Malaysian tropical rainforest as you explore its wonderful layers with us at UTM Faculty of Science!

We offer outdoor exploration activities for you to interact and observe the amazing ecosystem and biodiversity of a tropical rainforest. You will also have the opportunity to use tropical rainforest natural resources and sample data to apply research-based technologies in Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics at our laboratories. Register now for a truly scientific tropical rainforest learning adventure!

ATU Net Global Wealth Essentials Bootcamp (GWEB)


GWEB will focus on the 5 Discipline of Innovation (5DOI) as one of the basic methodologies outlined by Stanford Research Institute (SRI). The modules have been amended accordingly to suit the ecosystem in higher learning institutions in Malaysia and make it compatible. Participants of this boot camp will be exposed to the basics of 5 DOI and at the end of the program participants will have a better understanding in the process of pitching using the NABC (Needs, Approach, Benefit, Cost) format. Participants will be guided and mentored by speakers and facilitators who have been attended the 5 DOI course and a series of TOT courses organized by UTM XCITE to act as mentors and coach. In addition, to further strengthen the knowledge in business, participants will be taught Design Thinking (DT) is a powerful tool that has been used by entrepreneurs and leading companies around the world. DT consist of the key components of Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype and Test

Accelerating Green Development in Asia


This short course shares the various low-carbon actions including the enabling green policies, sustainable green technologies for major sectors (land use, energy, waste, water, food), the systemic measuring and monitoring tools for managing climate change, and innovative cooperation and financing models to bridge the existing gaps and to leapfrog the green growth in Asia.

Big Data Summer Course


The main goal of this program is to produce data scientists and program is targeted to universities and individuals who are interested in cooperation, especially from abroad. During this program, participants will be exposed to the knowledge of the Data Science and hands-on implementation on big data analyze. This is in line with the requirements of the experts pointed to a complete and systematic data management because data can bring new wealth to the country in analyzing and generating an image of a very high-quality results.

Malaysia Heritage Walks and Town Trails


This course is anticipated for:

-Architectures, urban planners, urban sociologists and design professions students that interested on urban cultural heritage & cultural landscape;

-Local authorities or planning agencies;

-Heritage Advocates/Managers/ Educator;

-Members of Heritage Movements and NGOs who have strong interest towards understanding the diversity of Asian Heritage;

-Researchers / Postgraduate Students.

A Global Learning Experience in Malaysia


It involves a learning experience inside and outside of lecture rooms (laboratory and industry) in a Malaysian environment with participants from Faculty of Mechanical

Know Malaysia Love Malaysia: Experiencing Malaysia Through Its Culture and Architecture


This course is intended for any levels of students who want to learn more about Malaysian Architecture and Culture. Field trip to designated area in Malaysia with selected case study will be embedded in this program. This course will emphasize on real live project and meeting with well-known designers in town. Participants will be moving from one place to another in order to experience the uniqueness of Malaysian culture and its traditional and modern architecture. To facilitate further understanding of Malaysian art and craft, simple yet very interesting hands on activities will be embedded.

Food Science, Innovation and Food Safety


Are you a young scientist who is thinking about a career in food? The Food Science, Innovation and Food Safety Summer School aims to give young scientists an idea of how exciting Food Science can really be, opening their eyes to this ever-changing multidisciplinary science subject which affects everyone on a daily basis. The food industry is one of the largest employers in the world. Food scientists are constantly in demand by the industry to ensure that the challenges and demands of the market are met. The future of our food safety and the health of our ageing population rest, in part, with food scientists.

Explore Johor Bahru… Learn English


Participants will be engaged in language games, fun communicative activities and adventure. The course will be conducted in a number of locations and in a different learning environment such as homestay, national Park, trips to Melaka and Kuala Lumpur (including Petronas Twin Towers)