Welcome Message

from the Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director UTMSPACE

Welcome to UTMSPACE.

UTMSPACE was incorporated in January 2011. It is actively involved in promoting and conducting lifelong learning programmes especially for working adults through its Center for Lifelong Learning and authorised institutional partners.

In recent decades, globalization driven by rapid technological change has been transforming the world in almost every imaginable way. Apart from economic growth and progress, it has also brought several challenges for humankind including expansion in the levels of education, and professions, public health challenges, enormous environmental pressures, and periods of economic and financial instability.

The current scenario is perfectly in line with UTMSPACE’s aspirations to enable access to lifelong learning where anyone can learn anything, anywhere, and anytime they wish. On top of the more familiar learning platforms such as in-class face-to-face delivery, tutorials, clinics, apprenticeships, internships, and attachments, we also promote other forms of teaching and learning activities. It is the intention to enhance diversifications of learning activities and respond to the current needs, we also encourage other methods of teaching and learning such as online delivery, virtual laboratory, virtual laboratory, virtual international student exchange, study trips, and site visits, to name a few. Certifications for academic programmes can be obtained through the conventional methods where students enroll in programmes at standard pre-determined duration, or students may wish to enroll in various classes by modules or through micro-credentials, according to what they need, and get certifications later on.
We believe that the ability to choose what to learn, where to learn, and how to learn is the key to prosperous lives irrespective of one’s socioeconomic status. Since 2011, the UTMSPACE community has linked academics, working professionals, and industry players to embark on lifelong learning through formal, non-formal, and informal means.
In the post-pandemic era, higher institutions made plans to enhance their responsibilities to provide good education for the public. UTMSPACE has been proactively responding to the challenges and shouldering the responsibilities at such times to demonstrate our commitment to society.

Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director